So you know exactly what you need?
A list of our products with all details is provided on the respective product pages under PRODUCT OVERVIEW.

This is how it works:
select the respective category, e.g. laptops → click on PRODUCT OVERVIEW after the text → select the product by clicking on REQUEST at the end of the line → product goes to the shopping cart under REQUEST.

Are you free to decide which models you want?
Under REQUEST, tell us all the details of your project and we will find the right device for you. Further details and requests can be provided in the “Any questions?” free text field.


If you have not specified an exact model, click directly on REQUEST PRODUCT in the respective category, e.g. laptops.
To request a specific model, click PRODUCT OVERVIEW. By clicking on REQUEST at the end of the line, the product will automatically be placed in the shopping cart under REQUEST.

Still haven’t found your desired product? You can also enter products directly and manually under REQUEST.

In order to find the most suitable device for you, please provide us with all details such as the duration and purpose of use, service requests, alternative devices, etc.


After receiving your request, our rental professionals will prepare and supply you with a non-binding quote as soon as possible. Please be sure to include all relevant information about your company. If you have any questions, we will contact you by phone or email beforehand.

If you confirm the rental order, you will receive the devices as agreed. Depending on your wishes, you can either collect the equipment yourself or have it delivered.

At the end of the rental period, you can return the devices or our team will contact you to collect them. The device is then cleared of all data, thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next use.

Want to rent an item for longer than originally planned?
You can flexibly adjust the rental period at any time. Simply call us or email us via