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Rent mobility in a cutting-edge format: Tablets are space-saving, perfect for when you are on the go and can be used in many different ways. You can book a data sim card, allowing you to remain independent and benefit from Internet capability in any location through our Telekom tariff. Optional accessories such as compatible Pencils or keyboards are now available for every model. Depending on your preferred operating system, our rental offering comprises a wide range of tablets, from the Apple iPad to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Lenovo Tab and the Windows Surface.

How are you planning to use the tablet? By dealing with us, you get the perfect display and memory size including accessories at an absolutely solid rental price.

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Small but mighty – rent tablets now

Nowadays, the world of business is unimaginable without the tablet. A convenient, mobile and space-saving yet high-performance computer, the tablet is indispensable for trade fairs, training and events of all kinds.

The Apple iPad family as well as Windows tablets such as the Surface or Android tablets from Samsung or Lenovo are available to rent from us.

A variety of tablets for companies

The operating system and/or manufacturer are decisive when choosing a tablet. Depending on the environment in which you are comfortable or the requirements that need to be met, there is a choice between iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

iPads (iOS)

Apple iPads are all equipped with the iOS operating software. Various models are available from Apple depending on your requirements. These include the iPad mini, the iPad Air, the iPad and the Pro variant. More details on the various models are provided under Rent an iPad.

Android tablets

Tablets with Android software are available from various manufacturers. Our Android tablets available to rent are mainly from Samsung and Lenovo.

The Samsung Galaxy tablet range comprises the Tab A model series entry-level tablets as well as the Tab S series high-end devices.

Lenovo offers the Yoga, Smart Tab or the Tab P or Tab M series models.

Windows tablets

Various manufacturers offer Windows tablets. You can rent Microsoft Surface models from us. Combined with the Type Cover (keyboard), the Surface actually counts as a 2-in-1 laptop.

The Surface variants are divided into the Surface Go series and its big brother the Surface Pro.

Technical features – what you should bear in mind

Besides the manufacturer or the operating system, the display size is often decisive. We have tablets available to rent in convenient sizes from 7.9 inches up to 12.9 inches.

The memory factor also plays an important role. You will need the appropriate capacity based on the application you have in mind. From 32 GB to 1 TB, all common memory sizes are possible.

When choosing the right features, another important aspect is whether you need the tablet with cellular (4G/ 5G/ LTE) or as a pure WiFi device. You also have the option of renting a SIM card with data volume for your tablet — so you can use it to access the Internet from almost anywhere.

Hire tablets for events or your trade fair appearance

The tablet can be used as a convenient laptop replacement at your trade fair stand or event. You can stream videos, have people fill out surveys, present your new website and much more besides. The tablet’s convenient PC design guarantees performance similar to that of a laptop or computer, but it is extremely space-saving in comparison.

Rent or buy a tablet

If you require tablets for a short usage period or in large numbers, renting is the perfect way to do this in a sustainable manner. The extensive purchase costs are often disproportionate to the intended use. They can be avoided by renting the devices. Instead, cost-effective rental terms allow you to plan costs accurately.

Ideally, you will enjoy the benefits of always being able to use the latest devices and technologies, while also suggesting to your customers how progressive your company is.

The advantages of renting the tablets instead of buying them are also reflected in the services — you do not need any operational capacities for maintenance, configuration or servicing — because we take care of that for you!

Rent tablets from XTR

We have tablets of all types, sizes and configurations available for rent. Even if you are unable find your desired device in the product overview, it’s worth enquiring.

Whether 1 or 500 tablets, we can also handle large quantities. We are happy to set up the devices in accordance with your wishes in advance. Do you require pre-installation of a particular app? Should the company presentation be already installed? No problem! We prepare the tablets so that you can get started straight away.

Suitable accessories for your tablet

Every manufacturer has suitable tablet accessories. Whether it be the Apple Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard cases, or the matching Pencil from the either Apple, Samsung or Microsoft.

Microsoft offers the compatible Type Cover and Arc Mouse for the Surface series. You can also rent lockable Bouncepad® cases for all tablets at Xchange. The cases can be connected to suitable fittings such as floor stands, wall brackets or a table cone and offer elegant protection against theft and damage.


Questions and answers on renting a tablet

As a B2B customer, can I also rent tablets without a credit report?

Tablets (as well as other devices from our rental pool) can be rented without a credit report. However, a deposit in the amount of the value of the goods has to be paid. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the rental period.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

Can I also buy the tablets after renting them?

Generally speaking, you can purchase rented tablets after the rental period. Contact us in good time!

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

Can I adjust the rental period as needed?

The pre-agreed rental period can be shortened or extended. Just get in touch with us!

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.