Everything falls into place — our versatile logistics solutions leave you free to choose:
Are you in the vicinity or passing our warehouse on the way? Great! You are saving transport costs, becoming a self-collector and doing something good for nature at the same time. Are you in a hurry and would you prefer next-day delivery? Through our forwarding agent or direct courier, you will receive your order in no time at all. Are you availing of our assembly or on-site service? Fantastic! It couldn’t be easier, because our technicians simply bring your devices with them.

By the way, we are the absolute customs clearance professionals. In addition to Switzerland, we also reliably send your order to your desired location anywhere in the world!

Assembly and dismantling

Reliable super weapons — our service technicians have everything you need for a professional assembly. Besides assembling, connecting and setting up, they are at your side with a wealth of experience. Do you have questions about operating the device? Wherever there are gaps in your knowledge, our technicians will be happy to share their expertise. At the end of the rental period, it’s time for the big reunion. Our service technicians restore everything to its original condition and remove all the equipment. You don’t have to worry about anything!
Do you want maximum security? We can go one better, just click ahead once to on-site service →

On-site service

More time for your work — because let’s face it, you actually have better things to do than getting the rented technology up and running. How convenient that you can hire a service technician directly from us along with your devices! With years of technical experience, our competent staff keep all the devices running, have a solution to every problem and provide a sense of security in the increasingly complex world of technology. Make it easy for yourself! Smooth operation is guaranteed — no matter where you need us!


Your customised solution

Which is the most suitable device for your project in the huge jungle of technology offerings on the market? We will advise you and find the right devices at a reasonable price. From the initial planning stage to the final unplugging, our sales team is at your side with 81 years of combined experience.

Content set-up

We set up all devices in advance according to your needs. For example, if you want software and app pre-installed, a background image set according to your corporate design or the training programme including files already stored on all devices, we are happy to oblige.

Flexible Internet

Internet without WLAN? We provide Telekom data cards (SIM) allowing you to access the Internet from anywhere. Simply rent them in addition to the hardware. This way, you remain mobile even without a direct Internet connection and have the flexibility to go online at your desired location.

Your technology project

Are you planning to buy devices? Facing a complex technology project? Short on manpower? Just give us a call — we have qualified technicians, are globally networked, capable of delivering large quantities and also help outside of the rental.

Rent safely

Don’t leave anything to chance. Our safe-rental option allows you to insure all the equipment. We are fully liable for the damage, provided the clauses are fulfilled. All the details are provided here.


How does renting from Xchange work?
What do I have to consider?
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How do I get a quote?

You can find out everything about the process here:


Trade fair, exhibition

& roadshow

Convention, congress

& conference

Training, seminar

& workshop

Corporate event

& internal event


IT solutions

As well as projecting a certain image of your company, a superb appearance at a trade fair or exhibition also attracts new customers. A stand that is planned to perfection allows you present yourself, your products and services in a certain light. The latest technology is an indispensable component in achieving this. A trade fair stand or exhibition space with high-quality technology is now standard and offers functional possibilities such as generating quotes on the spot, digital recording of customer data or interactive presentation of your products or services.

Did you know that the digital effect plays a big role in this?

You can increase your visibility through animations on displays or projections on walls or the floor. You attract attention and reach more visitors while ensuring that the content shown becomes firmly anchored. Visitors to your stand will remember you for longer. Try it out!

Whether it be lighting, sound and media designs for smaller or multimedia solutions for large exhibition areas: look forward to our full service, in which we plan the appropriate devices together with you and your trade fair or stand builder. Our technicians will bring everything to the venue, set it up, connect it and explain the devices to you so that nothing stands in the way of you making a professional impression.

With a wealth of experience in the organisation and implementation of roadshows, we also ensure a unique experience for your mobile trade fair or promotion tour by supplying the right equipment.

Whether it’s a congress, convention, conference (press conference) or meetings such as an annual general meeting or works meeting: on this day your company is in the public eye. Don’t leave the presentation of your message to chance. Instead, trust in our know-how. We know which points need to be taken into account during coordination and implementation.

All the way from the professional sound system to the perfect presentation of your content. Visual communication technology makes it easier for your audience to absorb information and ensures that your presentation lands and achieves the greatest possible impact. Depending on the type and scope, you can achieve this using an LED or video wall, displays or a projector and projection screen. Together we will plan the optimal solution for you and create the perfect setting for your appearance.

Not only do you get cutting-edge technology when you deal with us — our qualified technicians are also at your side during the event to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Let’s discuss your plans and make your event a unique experience.

Are you looking to organise a training, workshop or seminar as hassle-free as possible? We can transform your meeting room or rented location into an IT room in line with your wishes within a very short period of time. This makes holding staff training or further education courses child’s play for you (also in-house).

Just rent the technical equipment at a cost-effective price. Whether you need notebooks, tablets or PCs and accessories such as monitors, WLAN routers, SIM cards, external mouse or keyboard: We are as flexible in the type and scope of equipment as your requirements.

In addition to delivery directly to your seminar room, we also offer the following services:

   • Customised set-up of the devices with your training software, apps or files.
   • On-site assembly, cabling and commissioning so you can get started straight away
   • Uniform CI-compliant desktop background

We restore your location and the rented technology to its original condition after the training. Of course, the certified deletion of all data is a prerequisite.

PS: We also equip the seminar leader with a large display or presentation including a screen so that the participants can follow the speaker via transmission. Just contact us, we will make it easy for you and perfect your seminar through our technology!

Your superb corporate event that will never be forgotten! Be it a corporate event, staff party, open day, anniversary, in-house exhibition or gala, from the initial idea to the final implementation, we are at your side with professional solutions in the areas of sound, lighting and media technology.

Digital content, projections or staging are now part of everyday life in live communication and are indispensable at your event. For example, the visual presentation of your image film on an impressive LED wall or your presentation and team introduction on displays. Everything you can show digitally should be presented on a screen. The digital effect proves that this content stays in your visitors’ memories for longer.

Stations that are lively with action arouse interest and draw visitors closer. Haptic stimuli that encourage your guests to participate turn your event into an experience that stays in their minds. We have a diverse selection of devices with touch functions, ranging from massive totems or touch-operated standing desks to displays or tablets.

Are you planning an executive presentation? We can equip you with a microphone and the appropriate sound system. Do you want your guests to look around your company premises and hear important details? If so, why not hire a guided tour system and let your visitors explore your company for themselves?

Our possibilities are unlimited — tell us your idea and we will make your event an incomparable experience.

The growing digitalisation is affecting more and more areas for which technical equipment is needed at short notice and periodically. Investing directly in the required technology often makes no sense, nor are the financial resources available.

Renting or leasing offers a reliable alternative. On the one hand, you can first test the devices and their use, and on the other hand, cost-effective rental rates make the costs manageable. In addition, you remain completely flexible and can extend the rental period at any time or even arrange to keep the devices if you find that you need them on a permanent basis.

We have an extensive range of products and can support you with any project, such as

   • professional home office for your employees or temporary workstations on your company premises
   • temporary storage solutions for software testing, software development or data migration
   • efficient hardware for exams or project work at schools
   • technical equipment for the perfect transmission of conferences, webinars or sporting events

Are you facing a project that we have not listed? Please do not hesitate to contact us. There is hardly anything we cannot achieve.

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