Rent an A3 printer

Do you want to print in large format, but have no need of a scanner or copier? If so, the A3 multiprinter is the perfect choice for you. The Laserjet Enterprise is ideal for printing A3 and A4 formats and offers the perfect alternative to a large multifunction printer thanks to its space-saving format. We also supply paper in the appropriate format and toner for refilling.

What are you planning for a project where we can supply you with compatible printers as well as the appropriate hardware?

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A3 printer: print large formats

Do you want to print files in A3 format? Conventional printers are usually limited to DIN A4 format (210 × 297 mm) and are therefore not suitable for printing larger formats. For such requirements, a special DIN A3 printer is needed that can produce printouts in the size of 297 × 420 millimeters.

With us, you can easily rent A3 printers - for your office or even for short-term use at trade shows or other events. Whether you need presentations, posters, graphics or other large-format documents, our A3 printers offer the performance and quality you need. Just contact us for a no-obligation quote!

Which A3 printer do you need?

Black and white or color? Do you only want to print files or make copies, for example? We have a wide range of different A3 printers in our assortment: from inkjet printers to laser printers to multifunction printers that allow scanning, copying and faxing in addition to printing. To find the A3 printer that best suits you and your needs, it's best to contact our team of experts. We will be happy to help you!

Paper & Toner: Rent suitable accessories for A3 printer

In order to use the A3 printer, you will of course need suitable accessories, such as paper and ink. You can also purchase both from us. The price includes the first 100 pages. From the 101st page on, the cost is calculated based on the selected print format (A3 or A4) and the selected printing color (color or black).

Rent or buy A3 printer?

Especially if you only need the A3 printer occasionally, it may make sense to rent it instead of buying it. Because the printer rental offers you as a company some advantages:

  •             • Flexibility: When you rent a printer from us, you can flexibly adjust the rental period. Do you need the A3 printer for a
                   shorter or longer period than originally planned? No problem, we will be happy to adjust the period for you. You can
                   also adjust the number of rented devices at any time. You need the A3 printer spontaneously?
                   We can usually deliver within 24 hours.
  •             • Avoid high acquisition costs: From a financial point of view, it is also rarely worthwhile for companies to buy A3
                   printers - especially if they are only used temporarily.
  •             • With us you always get the latest devices: Own devices quickly become obsolete, we always offer you the most
                   modern A3 printers.
  •             • No need for maintenance and repair: Do you have a technical problem or need help setting up and installing the
                   equipment? Our experienced service team will be happy to help you.

What must your A3 printer be able to do? - Requirements

When choosing an A3 printer, there are some important requirements to consider to ensure the device meets their needs. These include:

  •             • Print quality: For best possible print results, the print resolution should be as high as possible.
  •             • Print speed: The print speed is specified in pages per minute (ppm) and describes how many pages can be printed per
                   minute on average. Especially if you want to make a large number of prints at once, the print speed is relevant for
                   you. Typically, the average print speed for A3 printers is between 10-30 pages per minute (ppm).
  •             • Connections: A3 printers usually come with a variety of connectivity options. These include USB ports for direct
                   connections to computers, Ethernet cables, and Wi-Fi connections for wireless connectivity.  
  •             • Paper capacity: A3 printers usually have large paper trays that allow a large amount of A3 paper to be loaded. If
                   you don't want to constantly replenish paper, you should make sure that the paper cassette is as large as possible.

Questions and answers on renting an A3 Printer

Is printing via iPhone or Android possible?

Our latest HP models allow printing directly from your iPhone or Android device. In general, you can print from your iPhone or Android device with any printer that has the AirPrint feature.

Last update on 19.07.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

How long can I rent A3 printers?

We flexibly adapt to your individual needs and offer you the possibility to rent the A3 printer for any period of time. Whether you need it for just one day or for several months is entirely up to you.

Last update on 19.07.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Are toner cartridges and paper included in the leasing contract?

The first 100 pages are already included in your print order. For all further pages, you will be charged according to the selected print format (A3 or A4) and print color (color or black and white).

Last update on 19.07.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Which A3 printers does XTR rent?

XTR rents A3 laser printers, A3 inkjet printers as well as multifunction printers from HP and Samsung.

Last update on 19.07.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Does XTR take care of the printer setup or installation?

We will take care of the printer setup for you. If desired, we also offer setup and on-site service for an additional fee.

Last update on 19.07.2023 by Renee Bohländer.