When it comes to printers, multifunction models are among the absolute all-rounders. In addition to printing in A4 and A3 format, copying, scanning and faxing are also common functions. Our rental offering includes models from HP’s Laserjet Pro and Enterprise MFP series. We also offer the M775 for rental in a specially adapted flight case. This allows you to remain flexible, thanks to its wheel-equipped base, and enjoy maximum protection of the device.

How many all-in-one printers do you need? Let’s talk about your project and decide on the right devices.

Accessories for multi-printers





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4-in-1: Print, copy, scan and fax

Rent the all-rounder among printers. Not only do the multifunction devices print all DIN formats, they can also copy, scan and fax. All functions are thus covered in one device. The most popular models are those from HP or Samsung.


Large yet flexible printers

Multifunction printers are also available in compact “mini” format. However, the dimensions of these absolute all-rounders are usually in the range of 0.7 m x 0.7 m x 1.1 m.

But even though multifunction printers are not always space-saving devices, they offer outstanding flexibility. On the one hand, multiple functions are covered in one device. On the other hand, at XTR you can rent, for example, the HP M775 directly in the flight case. You simply remove the upper part of the case and the printer sitting on the lower part of the case is ready for use. The highlight here is that the case is equipped with wheels. This makes getting the ordered printer into place child’s play. In addition, you can flexibly move the printer around at any time.


Multifunction printers: All-rounders for every situation

You can lease multifunction printers for your trade fair appearance, a training course/seminar or for a conference, for example. This all-in-one device lets you be prepared for anything. Be it copying documents, printing quotations or drawings or scanning ID cards or documents.

This all-rounder among the printing devices prints A4 and A3 formats without any problems, but other formats can also be printed via the multi-purpose tray.


Paper format for multifunction printers

The multifunction printer allows you to print user-defined formats in addition to the standard A4 and A3 formats. Almost anything is possible via the paper feed through the multipurpose tray.

What’s more, double-sided printing is fully automatic with the all-in-one device.

Print speed

How long it takes to print depends on the format and whether you are printing in colour or black and white. Depending on the device, up to 100 pages can be printed in one minute.

Multifunction printers with fax functionality

Most multifunction printers have a standard fax function. In principle, there are three different ways of sending a fax using the printer:

  • -  LAN fax
  • -  analogue fax
  • -  Internet fax

Depending on how you fax, you need the appropriate accessories.

Highly efficient: Multifunction printer with finisher

For the further processing of various print products, multifunction printers usually have various finishers available, such as offset output, integrated hole punch or stapler.

Multifunction printer for IOS or macOS? - Postscript 3

Sending documents to the printer via IOS or the macOS operating system is child’s play using Postscript3.


Leasing multifunction printers instead of buying them — your advantages

Investing in a large printer quickly takes on unexpected proportions. In many cases, you need all the functions of a cutting-edge office printer, but only at certain times. Why invest such high costs when you can use the device at your desired time and place at manageable rental rates?

Anyone who has ever had anything to do with printers knows exactly how sensitive they are. By going the rental route, you avoid repair and maintenance costs.

The purchase of compatible toner and paper also involves effort and costs. At XTR, you simply order the accessories you want along with your rental device.




+ manageable rental rates

- high investment costs

+ repair and maintenance costs borne by XTR

- effort and costs for suitable accessories (toner, paper)

+ all-round package with matching toner and paper     

- unforeseen repair and maintenance costs


Which multifunction printer is recommended?

When choosing a printer in the multifunction sector, Xchange strongly recommends HP. The Laserjet Pro and Enterprise MFP series with devices such as the M775, M570 or even the smallest HP M479 are of very high quality. Even after a wide variety of uses, they still deliver outstanding performance.

Are you planning your trade fair stand and do you need all the functions of a multifunction printer? If so, with the HP M775, you are well equipped.

But the Samsung printers from the Xpress series also provide outstanding printing results and impeccable quality. The Samsung Xpress all-in-one printers are particularly suitable if you only need to print a small quantity of coloured pages.

Of course, the rental professionals at Xchange will help you choose the perfect printer. The staff at XTR are sure to find the right device for you depending on your project and your needs.

The multifunction printers at XTR are mainly from manufacturers HP and Samsung.


Rent a multifunction printer at XTR — this is how it works

To rent a multifunction printer, you need to enter some details. We will start by clarifying with you what is your intended use, which functions are necessary, for example scanning and faxing, and how high your print volume will be. Based on this information, we will provide you with a non-binding quote.

Toner and copy paper can also be supplied by us. We will calculate what you need based on the information you provide about how much printing you will be doing.

By the way — the first 100 pages you print with Xchange are free of charge. All further pages will be charged afterwards. The prices for this are provided on your quote.


  1.        1. Contact us either by phone, using the contact form or via e-mail.
  2.       2. We will contact you, clarify the general conditions and help you find
  3.            the right multifunction printer for your intended use.
  4.       3. We will prepare a non-binding quote.
  5.       4. You decide whether you want to accept.


Accessories for all-in-one printers

At Xchange, you automatically get a convenient flight case with the HP M775 multifunction printer. This not only protects the printer from the challenges of transport, but also offers you complete flexibility thanks to the attached wheels. As we all know, all-in-one printers are anything but compact and can quickly get in the way. The wheels on the lower part of the flight case allow you to conveniently move the printer anywhere.

Of course, you can also get classic printer accessories such as paper and toner at XTR.

If you need a fax or scanner, an additional device will be required. You have the option to rent a PC or notebook from us additionally.


Questions and answers on renting a multifunction printer

When I rent a multifunction printer, do I get toner too?

We include the first 100 pages. The rest is calculated in accordance with the print format (A4 or A3) and whether you are printing in colour or just black and white.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

When I rent a printer, what is included in my delivery package?

Our multifunction printers are already equipped with toners, but these are already open. The device also comes with printer paper (about 30-50 sheets). These are included in the delivery package free of charge.

If you need more paper or toner, you may of course order these in addition. We will be happy to calculate your requirements.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

Who takes care of maintenance, repairs and set-up?

Maintenance and repairs are handled by us. The costs will only be charged in the event of obvious damage by the person renting the device.

We take care of the printer installation and set-up. If you need help with the assembly, you can also book the on-site service.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

What are the prerequisites for faxing and scanning with a multifunction printer?

To fax, you need either a fax connection or an Internet-enabled PC or notebook with an external fax web service. Scanning is possible if the printer is connected to the PC or notebook via cable or WLAN.

Our technicians will be happy to help you set this up.

By the way, you can also rent PCs or notebooks from us to go along with your printer. Request these add-ons now!

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

For how long can I lease the multifunction printer?

We have no fixed rental periods. Whether you want to rent for one day or several months is entirely up to you.

The rental period can also be extended as needed at any time.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

What do I do if the printer stops printing?

In the event of a technical fault, please get in touch with your contact person.

We will start by trying to solve the problem with you over the phone. If this does not work, we will propose appropriate solutions so that you can obtain a replacement as quickly as possible and get back to the task at hand.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

If I return the multifunction printer before the agreed end of the rental period, can I get a refund?

If your need for the printer expires before the planned end of the rental period, unfortunately we are not in a position to provide a refund retroactively.

We therefore recommend that you plan the rental period for the shortest possible time frame and if in doubt, extend it at the end. We are always flexible in this respect.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.