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High-end gaming computers offer outstanding smooth and high playback, as well as large processors. The gamers’ heart’s desires are fulfilled in every respect: ultra-quiet PC with sufficient memory capacity, fast loading times and extra strong coolers. We have already equipped Gamescom in this manner on numerous occasions and can supply you too with MSI devices such as the Aegis or Infinite.

Which event do you want to equip with ultimate power? We have the quantity and the power. Enquire now!

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What characterizes a gaming PC?

A gaming PC is a computer that is specially optimized for playing video games. It is characterized by powerful hardware components, such as extremely resilient processors, first-class graphics cards and fast RAM. Gaming PCs thus have higher computing power and graphics quality compared to normal PCs. They are indispensable for demanding gamers and gaming fans nowadays, as they offer a high refresh rate and a smooth gaming experience.

The right gaming PC for every application

Planning to attend or host a gaming event? . If you need gaming PCs for the short or long term, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of high-quality gaming PCs from renowned manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, MSI and others for every application.

Rent a gaming PC for trade fairs & events

If you want to offer gaming stations and competitions at trade fairs and other events, you will of course need gaming PCs. With us, you always get the latest technical equipment - and can thus make your booth particularly attractive and arouse the interest of visitors.  For example, we have already equipped Gamescom with our gaming PCs several times.

Rent gaming equipment for Gamescom

Gamescom in Cologne is one of the largest gaming trade fairs in the world and an important meeting place for everyone interested in the latest gaming trends. For companies and exhibitors, it is an excellent opportunity to present their products and services to a wide audience. As an exhibitor, it is especially important here to offer appealing and impressive gaming equipment that attracts the attention of visitors. You can easily and conveniently rent these from us. We rent powerful gaming PCs, as well as gaming laptops, monitors and other accessories. Of course, you can also rent keyboards, mice, headsets, controllers. Our equipment is a great way to demonstrate various games and features and provide visitors with a unique gaming experience. For example, for a special experience, you can rent VR goggles and necessary equipment from us. If you wish, we can deliver the equipment, set it up and also take care of the installation. If there are any questions or problems, our experienced service team is always available for you.

Which gaming PC is suitable for me?

There are several types of gaming PCs, which differ in performance, size and features. XTR Global rents gaming PCs for beginners and advanced users, as well as high-end computers. Find the gaming PC that fits your needs. We will be happy to advise you on this!

Gaming PC for beginners

Entry-level gaming PCs are ideal for gamers who are new to the world of PC gaming or have a limited budget. These devices are specifically designed to meet the needs of beginners and offer good performance at an affordable price. Entry-level gaming PCs usually feature Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5 series processors that deliver sufficient performance for a wide range of games.

Gaming PC for advanced gamers

Advanced gaming PCs are a powerful option for experienced PC gamers who want to play more demanding games on the highest settings or use them for streaming, video or image editing. These tend to have more powerful components and offer a better gaming experience, but they are also more expensive than entry-level PCs. If you can't find a model, don't hesitate to contact us!

High-end gaming PC for ambitious gamers

High-end gaming PCs are equipped with the latest and greatest components, such as high-end graphics cards and processors, large RAMs and fast SSD hard drives. So, if you are looking for the absolute top performance and the highest demands in gaming, these gaming computers are the perfect choice. High-end gaming PCs also display VR adventures without any problems and allow you to play games in a breathtaking 4K resolution with all details smoothly and without judder.

Rent suitable accessories for gaming PC

In addition to the gaming PC itself, the right accessories are also of great importance to ensure an optimal gaming experience. These include gaming mice, keyboards, monitors or speakers, for example. Headsets with good sound quality and VR glasses are other components that should not be missing for the perfect gaming experience. At XTR Global, you can also easily rent the appropriate gaming accessories. Ask us directly!

Requirements for gaming PCs: What gaming PCs have to be able to do!

When choosing a gaming PC, you should always keep the requirements of the desired game in mind to achieve the best possible gaming experience. The most important hardware components of gaming PCs include:


        ● Processor: In particular, Intel Core i5, i7 and i9 as well as AMD Ryzen 5, 7 and 9 processors are especially
            popular with gamers.

        ● Graphics card: graphics cards such as the  NVIDIAS RXT-3060 offer a special gaming experience.

        ● RAM: Gaming PCs require at least 8 GB of RAM, but for modern games, 16 GB or
            32 GB of RAM is recommended.

        ● Hard drive: For short load times and faster speeds, fast SSD hard drives are longest for gamers
            become indispensable.

Depending on the game, different requirements can be placed on the gaming PC. Games with elaborate graphics (first-person shooters, open-world games), for example, have higher requirements than games with simple graphics, such as strategy games. If you have any questions, simply contact us and together we will find the right model.

Rent a gaming PC at XTR Global

At XTR Global you can rent the right gaming PC for every application. No matter if you are a gaming beginner or an ambitious gamer: Our wide range of gaming PCs always provides you with the latest technologies for an optimal gaming experience.

Within 24 hours, we will deliver the equipment you need and, if you wish, we will take care of the assembly, disassembly and setup of the devices. You don't have to worry about anything anymore!

Questions and answers on renting a Gaming PC

What is a gaming PC?

A gaming PC is a powerful computer designed specifically for computer games and demanding applications.

Last update on 12.06.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Which gaming PC models can I rent at XTR?

We offer a wide range of different gaming PCs from well-known manufacturers, such as Lenovo, HP or MSI.

Last update on 12.06.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Who covers the costs of gaming PCs in the event of damage?

Through our "Safe Rental Option" you can fully insure yourself against any damage that may occur. Provided all clauses are met, we assume full responsibility in the event of damage. You can read more details here.

Last update on 12.06.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Can I rent gaming PCs as a private person?

Our product range is aimed exclusively at business customers, public institutions and registered associations and therefore not at private individuals.

Last update on 12.06.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Can I also rent gaming PCs without Schufa as a B2B customer?

You do not need a credit report to rent a gaming PC. However, a deposit in the amount of the value of the goods is due, which you will receive back at the end of the rental period. This applies to all devices in our rental pool.

Last update on 12.06.2023 by Renee Bohländer.