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Even the classic computer for the fixed workstation places high demands on computing power and graphics. Desktop PCs are available as Mini or Tower PCs. Our highlight in the rental pool remains the HP ProDesk with Windows operating system for the use of familiar office programmes. Our Apple MacMini is ideal for the iOS environment. With a free choice of your PC monitor size, wired or Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, we equip every computer workstation in line with your wishes.

Let us advise you and rent the computer that is exactly right for your application!

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Rent a PC to work efficiently

In everyday working life, it can always happen that you have to rent a PC at short notice or need several models at once. This typically occurs when a device unexpectedly breaks down and you urgently need a replacement, but also especially when you are off-site at an event.

This is where we at Xchange Technology Rentals come in. You can rent one or more PCs from us at a reasonable price. We offer renowned brands from Dell to Apple to Lenovo and equip them with the software you want. The models are always at the cutting edge of technology, which makes them extremely fast, allowing you to work efficiently and securely.

XTR Global — your computer rental contact

Computers have an extremely diverse range of applications and the requirements can vary from event to event or depending on the company. That is why interacting with our customers is important to us. We not only provide advice, but also work with you to develop a solution for your individual PC requirements.

As a full-service agency, we also take care of assembling and dismantling the technology if required and ensure that the devices are in the right place at the right time. This gives you more time to concentrate on your actual work.

We focus on high-quality products that allow everything to run smoothly and in an uncomplicated manner. Our PCs are checked down to the smallest detail before being sent out. This means you can start working straight away without any problems. Our technical support is also available over the phone outside our opening hours.

Other PCs available to rent from us

All-in-one PC

Wave cable clutter goodbye! The all-in-one PC covers everything in one slim device and finally makes the tangle of cables a thing of the past. The computer is completely built into the monitor, which makes for more order and clarity at the workplace. Only the mouse and keyboard remain on your desk. The latest devices are even equipped with a touch screen.

Workstation PC

When average PCs are no longer up to the task, you need a workstation! A workstation has above-average processing capacity as well as more memory, allowing it to carry out computer-intensive tasks. These PCs are ideal for applications such as image and video editing.

Gaming PC

Sufficient memory capacity, a powerful graphics card and a large hard drive are just a few of the important criteria of gaming PCs. Send us a request and together we will find the perfect PC for special gaming moments.

Your advantages when renting a PC instead of buying one

Today’s technological developments are happening rapidly. Technology is becoming obsolete within just a few years. For companies that want to keep up with the times, the maintenance of current hardware involves high costs. So why not rent PCs as needed from XTR Global at favourable and flexible conditions?

The advantages are obvious: Computer rental not only allows you to make huge savings, it also creates a cost-effective opportunity to stay at the cutting edge of technology. State-of-the-art processes inside and outside the company can be realised quickly and easily at any time. Even for one-off business events, computer rental is always worthwhile. Thanks to the flexible contract period, you can borrow the device for as long as you really need it and avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

Rent a computer: Mini PC or Tower PC?

If you have decided to rent a PC from XTR Global and are not sure whether you would prefer a Mini or Tower PC, we will provide you with a brief overview of the respective advantages here.

Mini PCs are very compact, light and fit on any desk due to their small housing. This small computer even enables mobile working, as you can easily connect the device to the nearest monitor. Due to the ever-smaller chips, the small housing nevertheless hides a powerful PC. These small computers offer another advantage: While Tower PCs usually have several fans installed and therefore emit a certain level of noise, the cooling of Mini PCs is passive and only emits low noise.

Tower PCs are very sturdy compared to Mini PCs and therefore require a large amount of space. But wherever there is a lot of space, a lot also fits in. This also applies to the performance of these computers: If you require additional memory capacity, hardware components can easily be exchanged or expanded.

What you ultimately choose depends entirely on your taste and your application. Mini PCs are powerful, convenient and ideal for everyday work. However, if you want a computer where you can upgrade a lot of memory, you would be well-advised to go for a Tower.

Rent a Mac mini from XTR Global

When it comes to technology, Apple is one of the most popular brands worldwide. Highly user-friendly and powerful while also very well designed, these devices are a high-end product for leisure and office or business events alike. The Mac mini is one of our most popular Mini PCs available for rent.

The Mac mini comes in a slim housing of just 19.7 x 19.7 cm, making it not only a perfect fit for any workstation, but also a powerful and stylish companion at any event. Thanks to its latest generation M1 chip and large RAM of up to 16 GB, your everyday work can be carried out without a hitch. The great thing about this device: The Mac mini has so many ports that you can connect two monitors and other accessories at the same time.

In general, we can provide you with the Mac mini in any version. So if you are unable find a model you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us!

How to rent your PC online

We at XTR attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers and will conduct a free consultation with you to find the perfect PC for your individual requirements. To do so, just send us a non-binding request via our contact form. We will get back to you and also clarify any further conditions such as the rental period or further services. After we have found a suitable price-performance model for you, a credit check is carried out for new customers, then the contract is signed.

PC accessories to equip your workstation to the highest standards

Whether you want to rent an Apple or a Lenovo PC, we have the right accessories for you. We have monitors, speakers or headsets available to rent — all tailored to your needs.


Questions and answers on renting a PC

What are the prerequisites for computer rental?

The IT rental service of XTR Global is aimed exclusively at companies. For new customers, a credit check is also carried out. Should the result of this check not be in the potential client’s favour, the PC can still be leased on the strength of a deposit.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

What common software is pre-installed on the PC?

Our PCs come with Windows pre-installed free of charge. We can also install Linux for you for a fee. If you require the Office package, an additional charge is incurred for installation and licence fees. We can pre-install any software for you — just ask us directly!

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

If I rent a PC, are the mouse and keyboard included?

A keyboard and mouse are included free of charge with the PC. You also have the option of choosing a different language for the keyboard.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

Is there a minimum contract period?

We always try to find the best solution for your requirements. For this reason, we do not offer any fixed contract periods, focussing instead on your individual rental needs.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

What does computer rental cost?

The rental charge depends on the model in question and the number of devices. The particular contract term and any additionally booked service or accessories are also taken into account. Through a personal consultation, we will find the perfect price-performance ratio for you.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

Who assumes the costs for the PC in the event of damage?

You can insure your PC through our safe-rental option. In this case, we are fully liable for the damage, provided the clauses are fulfilled.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.