Rent the notebook that suits your application: Depending on your requirements, we provide classic notebooks as well as mobile workstations that replace the desktop PC or flexible 2-in-1 solutions. The Convertible Notebook allows you the option to use the device in laptop or tablet mode. Our gaming notebooks enable maximum performance from the graphics card and processors.

What is your intended use? We will find the right laptop for you, keeping your performance requirements in mind.

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Rent notebooks for business events, training, projects or your trade fair stand. This lightweight among computers combines a monitor, computer, mouse and keyboard all in one device. This all-rounder is quickly stowed away and can be taken anywhere. So you can work in a flexible manner from almost any location.

We carry current models from well-known manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer and MSI.

We have the right laptop for you to meet your specific requirements.

An inexpensive entry-level device, such as our HP ProBook, is sufficient for typing and small amounts of data.

If you have demanding tasks in mind, such as processing large amounts of data, we recommend high-performance business notebooks, such as the Lenovo ThinkPad, HP EliteBook or the Apple MacBook.

By opting for the Lenovo ThinkPad P series or the HP Zbook, you rent absolutehigh-performance laptops. In the world of computers, these powerful notebooks are often called workstations. Computer-intensive projects using programmes such as Photoshop or Illustrator run completely effortlessly on notebooks in this class.

It’s a similar story with our MSI or HP gaming laptops. These devices go one better thanks to their powerful graphics processors.
For those who want to stay flexible, we offer 2-in-1 notebooks. You can turn the classic notebook into a tablet in the blink of an eye. This gives you the slim features of a tablet with a touchscreen, and you can revert to the original laptop state in a flash. Convertibles are now available from all well-known manufacturers, be it the Lenovo Yoga, the Microsoft Surface Pro or the various HP series.

Are you unsure which laptop is the right one for you? Just tell us what you have in mind and we will find the right device for you.

Possible applications of notebooks

The possibilities for using notebooks are as varied as the countless combinations of quantity of devices, rental period and services. We have compiled a list of some of the reasons why companies rent notebooks. Even if you do not find your project in our list, we are sure to have the right solution for you!


  • • Rent notebooks for your training, seminar, further education or conference

When training a group of inquisitive participants using up-to-the-minute methods, the laptop is an absolute must. Rent notebooks for your training now. Pre-installed operating software affords the participants direct access to programmes such as Word, Excel or similar.

In addition, we can set up the devices with the training software, programmes or apps in advance, provide a uniform desktop background with a company logo or equip the laptops with a printer and external mouse.

  • • Rent notebooks for your trade fair stand, trade fair appearance or as auxiliary devices for your trade fair technology

Nowadays, an exhibition stand without the latest technology is no longer conceivable. Planning the optimal trade fair technology plays a significant role and determines the success of your trade fair appearance. Hire notebooks as an all-round talent for your exhibition stand. Whether that’s for recording contact data, preparing quotes, or as an auxiliary device for other technology.

The notebook is the perfect hardware, for example, to project a presentation via projector or to play a product video on a display.

Do you want visitors to your trade fair stand to undertake activities on their own? Create fully equipped workstations for your potential customers in no time at all by simply distributing the laptops on your tables.

By the way, you can also rent more technology from XTR for your trade fair appearance – see for yourself →

  • • Notebooks for the temporary or mobile workstation/ home office

The topic of mobile working has been in the spotlight since the pandemic, if not before. Without a doubt, the laptop is the perfect working device for working between the company premises and the home office. With processor, screen, keyboard, mouse and power supply, it combines 5 components in one device. Weighing usually less than 4kg, it can be transported comfortably from the office to your home, where you can immediately continue working.

However, investing in new devices can be costly. Renting offers the cost-effective alternative. Rental rates are low and easy to plan, allowing you to keep an eye on the costs. Laptop rental is a perfect solution for temporary workstations, new employees or interns.

Connections for printers, external monitors or other accessories are standard and offer room to expand your workstation.

  • • Rent notebooks for elections or your postal voting centre

In combination with a printer, notebooks are helpful election assistants. Whether for local, state or federal elections, counting the votes has never been easier.

The pre-installation of the voting software or the assembly and connection of the laptops in the voting centre are just a taste of the many additional services you can easily book with us.

  • • Rent notebooks for project days, projects in schools or universities

Rent notebooks for your project. Because you can take the laptop with you to any place in the school or university. With the Office package or other pre-installed apps and programmes, your project work can start right away. Working in a team is particularly easy with the notebook.

Why should I rent the devices from XTR Global?

You can rent notebooks for the day of your event or for permanent use for an indefinite period. It doesn’t matter if your requirement is for one device or 500 notebooks. We offer full flexibility and are happy to advise you. Together we will find the right devices for your intended use and support you with our services. Our service offering extends from the pre-installation of your desired programmes, through transport to on-site support. We make everything possible!

Rent suitable accessories and devices for your notebook

Of course, your rented laptop will come with matching power supply unit free of charge. Accessories such as the compatible docking station, external mouse, keyboard or monitors can be easily rented in addition. Printers of all types are also available at XTR.

Rent a laptop instead of buying one: Here’s why it’s worth it

If you require notebooks for a short usage period or in large numbers, renting is the perfect way to do this in a sustainable manner. The extensive purchase costs are often disproportionate to the intended use and can be circumvented by renting the devices. Instead, cost-effective rental terms allow you to plan costs accurately.

Ideally, you will enjoy the benefits of always being able to use the latest devices and technologies, while also suggesting to your customers how progressive your company is.

The advantages of renting the notebooks instead of buying them are also reflected in the services – you do not need any operational capacities for maintenance, configuration or servicing – because we take care of that for you!

Rent a MacBook – MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and many more

Do you need the macOS operating system? If so, rent the Apple MacBook. Did you know that you can also run Windows on the MacBook in parallel? This way, you benefit from both operating systems on one device.

The Mac comes in different models — from the mid-range MacBook or MacBook Air to the MacBook Pro high-performance laptop.


Do you have any questions on laptop rental? Just contact us.

Questions and answers on renting a notebook

Can I buy the rented laptop?

Generally speaking, the rented devices are available for purchase at any time. We will be happy to prepare a tailor-made quote for you.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

What does notebook rental cost?

The costs depend on the notebook model and the rental period. This varies from case to case and must be requested specifically depending on the situation.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

Can I also rent notebooks from XTR as a private individual?

We only deal with business customers, public institutions and registered associations.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

For how long can I rent the devices?

You can rent notebooks from us for 1 day. We also offer the options to rent a laptop for 1 week, rent a laptop for 1 month, rent a laptop for 3 months, etc.
It is also possible to rent a laptop on a monthly basis — just keep the rental period open-ended and extend it as you wish.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

As a B2B customer, can I also rent laptops without a credit report?

Notebooks (as well as other devices from our rental pool) can be rented without a credit report. However, a deposit in the amount of the value of the goods has to be paid. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the rental period.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

How do I connect the laptop to the TV?

Depending on the equipment, the laptop can be connected via an HDMI cable or a DisplayPort cable. The latest devices even have a USB-C port and can therefore be connected to the TV via a USB-C cable.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.