Our totem variants are perfect for displaying digital content in portrait format. In addition to the digital advertising space, you can also use the totems as an interactive information solution or as a product configurator through an integrated touch function. Our models range from the 48” totem from Hagor to the 55” Hira totem from Werkstationen. We can also offer the Hira totem in black in addition to the classic white.

Which model suits better? Let us know your project details and we will find the perfect totem for you.

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Digital Signage hire for trade fairs, conferences & other events

Do you want to attract the attention of visitors to trade fairs and events? Then you should make sure you stand out! Stele are an extremely effective way to draw attention to your own company. Thanks to their modern look and high-quality displays, digital stelae are a real eye-catcher. Featuring bright graphics and messages, Stele serve as eye-catchers and arouse the interest of trade fair participants.

This is how you can use Stele at your event:

Whether at events such as trade fairs, in cinemas or in shopping centres - Stele are versatile. We have a large selection of different digital signage: with or without touch screen, double or single-sided and in different sizes.

Digital Infopoint: Digital Signage as an information display and signpost

Do you want to guide visitors to your stands or attractions and make it easier for them to navigate around the grounds? Then use stelae as signposts! Due to their size, they can be seen from a distance. Digital stelae are also ideal for displaying information such as opening hours or events. Digital stelae give your info point a modern and innovative appearance.

Digital Signage Stele as an advertising medium

Instead of using conventional advertising posters, you can be the centre of attention with modern stelae. Would you like to present your products and services in an appealing, innovative way? By using digital signage steles, you can display your advertising messages on large screens. Whether in retail outlets, museums or at trade fairs - stelae as advertising media are a versatile and effective tool for marketing communication.

If you want to, we can also organise the wrapping of the stele in your corporate design.

Stele at the POS: digital customer guidance system

In today's world, customers often have little patience to wait for a member of staff to answer simple questions. By installing digital stelae, you can set up an interactive customer guidance system that helps customers navigate their way through your retail space on their own. At the same time, you can effectively promote your products and offers. Technical details and further product information can also be displayed on steles to answer customer questions. This way, your customers don't have to search for an employee.

10 advantages: Why you should also use digital stele for your trade fair presence

  1. 1. high visibility: digital stelae are eye-catching and attract attention.
  2. 2. Present information in an appealing way: Touchscreen stelae offer a great way to present information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.
  3. 3. flexible and adaptable: you want to change or update content spontaneously? No problem with digital stelae! Here you can adapt content in real time.
  4. 4. audio or video content possible: digital stelae can offer advanced features such as the integration of videos, audio or interactive maps, for a special user experience.
  5. 5. multi-functional: digital stele can be used not only as an advertising medium but also, for example, as information boards, ordering platforms or for entertainment.
  6. 6. interactive experience: digital stele with touch screen allow users to actively interact with the displayed information.
  7. 7. data analysis possible: digital stelae can collect data on usage and interaction that can be used for future decisions and strategies.
  8. 8. eco-friendliness: the use of digital stelae saves paper and printing materials, thus protecting our environment.
  9. 9. display personalised content: It is possible to display personalised content on digital stelae and thus improve customer loyalty, for example.
  10. 10. multilingualism: digital stelae can display information in different languages to enable communication with international customers and visitors.


Rent Digital Signage with touchscreen

To offer your visitors an interactive experience, you can rent stele with touch screen. The operation is very simple and intuitive, so that even less tech-savvy people can use it effortlessly. By navigating the menu, users can quickly and easily access the information they need. Touchscreen stelae can not only be used as an info point, but also as an advertising tool to present your company in an interactive way. Even purchases and orders can be made via digital stele with touch screen.

Hire Digital Signage & Digital Signage Solutions from XTR

Digital signage requirements can vary from event to event or from company to company. Therefore, it is important for us to develop individual solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We not only advise you, but also ensure that the stele meets your specific requirements. Do you need support with assembly, installation and set-up? No problem, our experienced service team will be happy to help you. On request, we can deliver the required equipment worldwide within 24 hours and also set it up on site. This gives you more time to concentrate on your actual work. Our technical support is also available to you by telephone outside our business hours. If you cannot find a suitable model among our listed digital steles, we are also happy to develop an individual solution for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation!

Questions and answers on renting a Totem

What are Digital Signage / Stele / Totems?

Digital Signage are vertical display columns that often serve as info points or advertising screens and are used, for example, at trade fairs and other events. Digital Signage are available in different sizes and designs - for example with or without a touch screen.

Last update on 04.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

What does "digital signage" mean?

The term "digital signage" describes a system of digital signage in which screens are used like stele to transport digital content directly to the customer. Various contents such as animated product images, image videos, wayfinding systems, self-services, web shop presences and more can be displayed to convey creative advertising messages digitally. With additional features such as touch screens, digital signage systems can enable direct customer interaction.

Last update on 04.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

In which areas can digital signage stele be used?

Common uses of digital signage include the following:

  • - Welcome and information displays for visitors and guests to make a positive first impression and provide relevant information.
  • - Information displays for ongoing events to keep visitors up to date.
  • - Wayfinding systems within the exhibition grounds
  • - In-house information terminals at the point of interest to display important information such as the canteen schedule, staff honours, team changes and more.
  • - Information displays for off-site information such as traffic and flight information, news and headlines, share prices, weather reports and other information.

Last update on 04.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

How long can I rent Stele from XTR?

The rental period starts from one day and can be flexibly adjusted. With us, you can rent the stele for as long as you need it.

Last update on 04.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Does XTR take care of the setup or installation of the stele?

If desired, we can take care of delivery, assembly and installation of the stele. We deliver worldwide within 24 hours.

Last update on 04.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

What costs will I incur?

The costs vary depending on the rental period and model. Please feel free to ask us for a non-binding quote, we will provide you with an individual offer.

Last update on 04.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.