With our monitor selection you have everything in view. With us you get PC monitors for single use or you expand your screen space with a second one. In our rental pool we have the EliteDisplay from HP, the ThinkVision monitors from Lenovo or iiyama ProLite. You want a continuous UltraWide view? Then why not rent our Curved Displays from Samsung or Lenovo. Since we only rent high-resolution and high-performance TFT monitors, we also have the right gaming monitor for you.

What do you have your eyes on? We will advise you and find the appropriate monitors for your use.

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Whether at trade fairs, at events or in educational institutions: Monitors are increasingly being used as presentation surfaces. Along with computers and laptops, they are part of the technology that must not be missing at training courses, exhibitions and other events. Do you also need monitors for short- or long-term use? With us you can rent a variety of monitors for different purposes. For every field of application we offer you a wide selection of high-quality monitors from different manufacturers, such as Lenovo, HP, Iiyama, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Samsung and many more. Just ask without obligation, we will be happy to advise you individually! With us you will receive an offer tailored to your needs.


Monitors for trade fairs & events

Would you like to equip your trade fair presentation with the latest technology and high-quality monitors? Modern technical equipment is extremely important for an attractive trade fair stand. Since trade fairs and events are usually limited in time, it is usually hardly worthwhile for exhibiting companies to purchase monitors. In most cases, it makes more sense to simply rent the required technology. We can provide you with suitable monitors for any trade fair stand for the period of time you require.


Monitor rental for educational institutions

Modern technical equipment is also becoming increasingly important in educational institutions. Especially in schools and universities monitors are used more and more often to make teaching more effective as well as more interactive.  

Conveying learning content vividly and visually - it is now impossible to imagine modern classrooms without monitors. Would you also like to equip your educational institution with the latest monitors? Renting monitors can have decisive advantages over buying them: With us, you always receive the latest technology, competent service for all aspects of set-up and installation, and a contact person who is there to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Please feel free to inquire without obligation!


Monitor rental for trainings and conferences

You need monitors to equip trainings or conferences? Especially when a large number of participants are expected, presentations and content can be made more easily visible to all with the help of monitors. To avoid the high purchase costs, monitor rental is the ideal solution. We offer a wide range of monitors that are ideal for conference and training rooms of different sizes. If you have any questions, simply contact us and we will find the right model for you!


Rent suitable accessories for monitors

In addition to our monitors, you can also easily rent appropriate accessories (cables, mouse, keyboard).

Take a look for yourself and discover our wide range of monitor accessories. We are happy to advise you individually on the accessories you need.


Large selection of different monitors

Xchange Technology Rentals rents a variety of the latest, modern monitor models. Whether it's HP's EliteDisplays, models from Lenovo's ThinkVision range or Iiyama's ProLite - you'll always find the right monitor at Xchange. Do you need a monitor that is particularly well suited for image and video editing, a particularly large screen or a 4K gaming monitor? We have the right monitor for you for every purpose and every need.


Gaming monitors for rent

Gaming monitors are characterized by high performance, high image quality and short response times and are specially designed for gamers. Powerful screens and a smooth image are essential to display the graphics and the high speeds of the games in an optimal and detailed way. We rent gaming monitors for special gaming events like Gamescom. Contact us and we will find the perfect monitor together with you.


Rent Curved Monitors

Curved monitors are suitable for a particularly good viewing experience.  A curved monitor is a screen that has a curved shape and is adapted to the natural curvature of the eyes. Such monitors are especially good for gaming and creative work. Curved monitors allow for a better spatial display, viewing experience, and viewing comfort. Models are available from the Lenovo ThinkVision series or the Samsung Odyssey series variants. The curvature helps the eyes relax and can lead to better concentration.


Rent monitors for Mac

One of the most popular mini PCs is the Mac Mini. However, you will need separate monitors for this one. It is important that the monitor is compatible with the Mac and that the correct connections are available. Of course, you can also get all the necessary accessories from us. Do you have questions about renting Mac monitors or would you like to find out individually which monitor is best suited for your project? Just contact us!


Requirements for monitors: This is what a monitor must be able to do!    

Depending on the application, the requirements for a monitor can differ. Before renting a monitor, you should be aware of the specific requirements when choosing the appropriate model:


Size of the monitor: Xchange Technology Rentals rents monitors in various sizes, with screen sizes ranging from 19 to 98 inches. For example, a screen diagonal of 24 inches or more is recommended for traditional office use.


Resolution: The higher the resolution, the more detailed and sharper the image appears. Graphic artists and gamers, for example, need models with a particularly high resolution. Depending on your needs, you can rent standard Full HD monitors (1920 x 1080 pixels), QHD monitors (2560 x 1440 pixels) or 4K monitors or UHD monitors (3840 × 2160 pixels).


Ergonomics: to allow individual alignment of the screens, the monitors should be height-adjustable and tiltable.


Monitor rental at XTR Global

We rent a wide range of different monitors, in different sizes and with different resolutions. Even if you cannot find your desired product in the product overview, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to deliver the equipment you need within 24 hours. If you wish, we can take care of assembly and disassembly, including setting up the equipment. You don't have to worry about anything anymore!

Questions and answers on renting a Monitor

Which monitor models can I rent at XTR?

We offer a wide range of different monitor models, including curved monitors, gaming monitors or Mac monitors - in different sizes and resolutions. Our range includes monitors from many well-known manufacturers, such as Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Acer or Asus.

Last update on 03.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Can I also rent monitors as a private person?

Our product range is aimed exclusively at business customers, public institutions and registered associations.

Last update on 03.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Who will cover the cost of the monitor in the event of damage?

Through our "Safe Rent Option" we take full responsibility for any damages, provided all clauses are met. You can see more details here.

Last update on 03.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

How long can I rent monitors from XTR? Can I extend the rental period?

There is no fixed minimum rental period. You can rent the monitors for as long as you need them! The pre-agreed rental period can also be shortened or extended. Simply contact us in good time if required!

Last update on 03.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Is it possible to buy the monitor after the rental?

In principle, we offer the possibility to purchase our equipment at the end of the rental period. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Last update on 03.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

What costs will I incur as part of the monitor rental?

The prices vary depending on the model, rental period and number of rented units. As this is very individual, please contact us without obligation!

Last update on 03.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Can I buy the displays at the end of the rental period?

In principle, it is possible to purchase our equipment after the end of the rental period. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Last update on 03.05.2023 by Renee Bohländer.