An LED wall allows you to present content in the most impressive and unforgettable way. Both indoors and outdoors, you create a seamless surface where you are completely free as regards the area’s size and shape. We can even install your LED wall wrapped around a corner or as a wave using our Helios strips and tiles. From expert advice to assembly: Our technicians take care of the installation and support you until the final display of your content on site.

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Rent an LED wall for a big performance

Make your content THE eye-catcher at any event using an LED wall. Not only do you have plenty of presentation space, your options are also completely flexible. The LED wall with Helios strip can be curved, wrapped around a corner or simply designed in standard format as a huge display in your chosen size. LED systems are available for both indoor and outdoor use.


Rent an LED wall: LED wall with Helios strip, free-standing or LED trailer 

An LED wall consists of individual modules or cabinets, which are customised to your desired surface. You can choose between LED walls with Helios strip, free-standing LED walls and LED trailers.


  • •  LED wall with Helios strip: Thanks to corner connections, the Helios strip can be installed in a curved shape (curved mounting) or even at a 90° angle wrapped around corners. The ultra-thin lightweights can be mounted directly onto the wall with no need for a complex substructure.

  • •  Rent a free-standing LED wall: No wall for mounting available? No problem at all. You can also rent a free-standing LED wall. This is assembled by mounting the modules on a truss structure.

  • •  LED trailer: LED trailers constitute another option. The mobile LED wall is pre-installed on a trailer and can be moved to your desired location as needed. No further assembly is required. All that is needed is a level floor. Of course, this variant is often used for outdoor applications.


Your content is sent via PC, laptop or directly from the WLAN network. Digital cameras can also be connected and thus transmit live images directly to the LED wall..


Possible uses for an LED wall: Outdoor and indoor

Whether you use the LED wall as a projection surface for your product presentation, company presentation, live image transmission indoors or for outdoor events such as open air concerts, public screenings or purely as an advertising surface, the possibilities are endless. Wherever a large screen is needed, the LED wall is an absolute eye-catcher. This LED giant is available for every occasion and defies even strong brightness, direct sunlight or bad weather by delivering the perfect image.


The advantages: Rent an LED wall

An LED wall allows you to ensure 100% attention and guaranteed visibility, especially at events with large visitor numbers. The large image size means your content packs a punch and conveys maximum emotion. The high resolution of an LED wall ensures a razor-sharp image even from a distance, in direct sunlight or against particularly bright surroundings. In addition, thanks to the size of the LED screen, the content shown can be easily recognised even from a distance.


Rent an LED wall from XTR

At Xchange, you can also hire trained technicians to install, connect and set up the LED wall in accordance with your wishes. For a smooth process, the technicians can also be booked for on-site service beyond the assembly. They take care of the display of your content at the right time and are of course on hand to assist you in all technical matters.

Should you wish to look after your image or video content on your own, you will of course receive instruction from the team of technicians on site.

LED wall accessories such as a pixel processor, which brings the image perfectly onto the LED wall, or weights for the scaffolding, cable extensions or a playback device in the form of a laptop, are additionally available from XTR.
An overview of our devices is available under Rent a notebook: Product overview.


Questions and answers on renting an LED wall

Video wall vs. LED wall: What are the differences?

The video wall consists of individual displays put together to form a large screen. An LED wall, on the other hand, consists of smaller modules and therefore has a much more complex design.

The advantage of an LED wall is the uniform screen, or a smooth transition, as the experts would say. In a video wall, on the other hand, the thin frames of the individual displays are visible on closer inspection.

The picture quality of a video wall is very good at a short viewing distance. The greater the distance and the poorer the viewing conditions, the more the LED wall proves unbeatable. From brightness to contrast and glare-free properties, the LED wall is an absolute eye-catcher and offers the highest quality image even from a distance.

The price difference between these two types of walls is not to be sneezed at. The LED wall has a much more complex design, which is why the video wall is available at a lower price. However, it is important to note that the assembly and set-up of the video wall play a significant role in producing the perfect picture.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

Do I need technicians to assemble the LED wall?

No, the LED wall is assembled by our technicians, connected and set up with the help of a pixel processor.

All you have to do is rent the LED wall from us. We automatically offer the assembly and dismantling service through our qualified team of technicians.

You have the option to extend the service package to include on-site service.


Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.

Which LED wall is suitable for which application?

Different designs and resolutions are available depending on your project. Our team will advise you in detail and find the perfect LED wall for your application.

Last update on 03.04.2023 by Martin Schittig @ Die Schittigs.