Rent an iMac

Rent the all-in-one PC from Apple and benefit from the slim design. With integrated display, it saves space on the desk. The iMac is known for its powerful hardware that enables fast processing and smooth multitasking.

The high-resolution displays deliver impressive image quality, making iMac ideal for graphic design, video editing, and other creative tasks. Plus, the macOS operating system offers an intuitive user interface and seamless integration with other Apple devices.

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Questions and answers on renting an iMac

Is there a minimum contract period for iMacs?

No, there is no minimum rental period. You can rent the iMacs from one day. The rental period is flexible adjustable.

Last update on 16.08.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

What are the requirements to rent from XTR Global?

Our offer is aimed exclusively at companies. For new customers, an additional credit check is performed. Should this be deficient, there is still the possibility to borrow an iMac against a deposit.

Last update on 16.08.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

How quickly will the iMac be delivered?

If the desired devices are in stock, they can be picked up or shipped on the same day. If you wish a pre-installation of special apps, the delivery or pickup will be delayed by one day.

Last update on 16.08.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Are mouse and keyboard included when I rent an iMac?

Keyboard and mouse are included with an iMac. You also have the option to choose a different language for the keyboard.

Last update on 16.08.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Who will cover the cost of the iMac in the event of damage?

You have the option of insuring your iMac with our Secure Rent option. In this case, we are fully liable for the damage, provided that the liability clauses are met.

Last update on 16.08.2023 by Renee Bohländer.

Rent Apple iMac: Powerful all-in-one computer for your business

An iMac is a powerful all-in-one computer developed by Apple. Here, the computer and the display are combined in one elegant case. The first iMac was developed in 1998. The distinctive feature of this computer was that, unlike the computers commonly used at the time, it had a slim design and a compact all-in-one design that integrated the monitor and the computing unit in a single case. As a result, the iMac caused a sensation right from the start. Since then, the iMac series has continuously evolved.

Unique design & high-quality workmanship: Why the iMac is so popular

The iMac is still extremely popular today, thanks to its impressive design, which (in the latest model) is available in seven color variants, and an extremely slim, high-quality screen. The latest Retina display allows for a stunning display of content. Thanks to the powerful macOS operating system, the iMac ensures particularly easy usability. In addition, iMac has a built-in 1080p FaceTime HD camera and studio-quality microphone. This allows for clear video calls and recordings. As you would expect from Apple, connectivity is also implemented in the best possible way on the iMac. Accessories like external displays can be connected without any problems. Thanks to AirDrop and iCloud, the iMac is particularly easy to connect with other Apple devices. This way, you can easily customize your working environment. Numerous accessories, such as mouse, keyboard or even external monitors can be easily rented from XTR Global.

Trade fairs, events or training courses: rent iMac for various applications

Whether in the office, in a training facility or at trade fairs and events: iMacs are ideally suited for various purposes. That's because they combine elegance, performance and ease of use. Their sleek design and all-in-one concept make them aesthetically pleasing and space-saving, while the powerful hardware allows smooth playback of presentations or use of various software applications. That's why iMacs are a popular choice in many situations: for example, for professional use in offices or at trade fairs and other events. But iMacs are also ideal for training courses, conferences or in educational institutions.

If you don't have a lot of space in your (home) office and also value aesthetics, an iMac is often the ideal solution because it combines computer and monitor in one case. Thus, the desk always looks a bit neater and tidier than with conventional PCs. With its powerful hardware, everyday work can of course be done efficiently with the iMac.

In educational institutions and schools, iMacs offer a user-friendly solution for teachers and students. Intuitive operation makes iMac suitable for learners of all ages.

Rent iMac in different sizes

While the iMac models of the past years are available in 21.5 or 27 inches, Apple only offers a 24-inch variant with the latest model. Would you like to rent the current model in 24 inches or a model from previous years? No problem! With us you will find a large selection of iMacs, both the current and older models. In recent years, Apple has released a variety of iMac models, including the iMac with Retina 4K display (2019), the iMac Pro (2017), the iMac with Retina 5K display (2020), and the iMac (2021) with the powerful M1 chip.

Renting an iMac instead of buying one: Why renting is usually more worthwhile for companies

For companies, it often makes more sense to rent iMacs instead of buying them. New iMacs are quite expensive to buy, but renting can reduce initial investment costs. Especially if the devices are only needed for a limited period of time, buying is rarely worth it.

But renting is not only lucrative for cost reasons: You don't have the capacity to worry about installation, maintenance and repair of the required devices? No problem, our experienced service team will be happy to help you. If you wish, we can deliver your iMacs worldwide, take care of connection and installation, and are also available to answer any technical questions you may have. You have a problem with a device? Our service team is always available for you. So you can simply concentrate on your core business - we take care of the rest! Please feel free to inquire individually!