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2-User x 8-Port Compact CAT5 KVM Switch w/ OSD


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The UKS2825D is a 2-user 8-port compact CAT5 KVM switch designed to fulfill the needs to be more flexible and effective in modern server management for small enterprise scenario. Utilizing CATx (CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6) cables as carriers of KVM signals instead of the cumbersome conventional KVM combo cables makes cable arrangement much easier. It can also save much space and reduce cable clutter in modern high-density server rooms or data centers. The cabling extension distance can be up to 30M with CATx cable yet keeping a clear video quality. Besides, this model allows two users to concurrently access any of the eight computers, each using one of the two local consoles. UKS-2825D is optimized with the application of CAT5 KVM technology and is an economic way for small enterprise to own CAT5 KVM technology.

Technische Informationen

2-user x 8-port CAT5 Matrix KVM switch
 Two independent consoles for concurrent access of two computers by each of the two admins
 PS/2 interface support on console side
 Dual interface support for PS/2 and USB interface connections on computer side (using different dongles).
 OSD menu control for unit configuration and switching operation
 Smart alert messaging system for immediate on-screen system status report
 Hotkey sequence configurable [Scroll Lock, CAPS, Esc, Num, F12]
 CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 UTP cable for KVM signals transmission
 Cabling distance up to 30 M / 100 ft
 Utilize computer dongles for connections with computers
 Bank/channel selection and operation using keyboard hotkeys and OSD Menu
 OSD menu functional features including:
     Port selection
     Active port indication on console OSD
     Computer naming
     Load default
     Password protection enable/disable
     Firmware upgrade
     Computer module type per port listing
     OSD time out
     Autologout timeout
     Autoscan period 
  Two rows of Port LED indicators to show the active port status for each console 
  19” rack mount design with metal enclosure for best shielding and protection
 Support for Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/ 7, Linux, Mac and Sun

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